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Mission Statement

The Language Archive Cologne (LAC) supports research, learning and teaching with high quality and dependable digital language resources.
The LAC facilitates free and open online access to research data. It does this by preserving digital audio and video data, annotations, and other digital language data in the long term, and by promoting and disseminating these resources.
The LAC promotes open and sustainable practices in the use of digital language data in the humanities and provides technical advice to the research community, and supports the deployment of digital technologies in research and teaching.

Data Deposit

With the Depositor Agreement the depositor agrees to make new CLARIN Material available through the CLARIN Infrastructure, and defines access conditions. The LAC Respository Depositing Policy details the specific policies for depositing corpora of audiovisual speech data.

Data Access

Data access is available for the research user under the terms of the Data User Agreement. Licensing and other terms between User and Content Provider and/or CLARIN will be agreed separately. If you have any questions about the Language Archive Cologne (LAC), feel free to contact us.

Privacy Policy

Under the German legislation on Data Protection the repository of the LAC-CLARIN Centre has a legal duty to protect any information it collects from users. The LAC Repository privacy policy relates to personal data collected by the LAC Repository in the course of registration for access to services and during user consultations. Please read our Privacy Policy in order to learn how we manage this issue and how it affects you. For a detailed list of the personal data collected please consult this table.

Terms of Service

Welcome to the repository website of the Data Center for the Humanities (DCH) CLARIN Centre. The mission of CLARIN is to provide as wide access as possible to language research tools and materials around Europe. To achieve this goal, we set out some ground rules through this Terms of Service. By accessing or using any kind of data or services provided by the LAC Repository, you agree to abide by the Terms contained in the above mentioned document.