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Yurakaré interviews on language infrastructure use


This dataset contains recordings of interviews concerning the use of language infrastructures among Yurakaré people, focusing on people's interest in using digital language infrastructures. Moreover, during the interviews people were familiarized with the language infrastructure eLAC, an interface for accessing the Language Archive Cologne (LAC) from mobile phones. The interviews were conducted in Yurakaré (Glottolog: yura1255) and Spanish by speakers of Yurakaré in 2023. Yurakaré is a language isolate spoken by around 1.600 people in the Andean foothills of central Bolivia.


  • Sonja Gipper (ORCID)
  • Jeremías Ballivián Torrico

Cite as

Gipper, Sonja & Jeremías Ballivián Torrico 2023. Yurakaré interviews on language infrastructure use. Data Center for the Humanities.

Archive Information

Date of the archival: 2023-05-30
Size of the package: 32 GB
Contact Name: Felix Rau (DCH) -

Data formats

Video: mts