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Dora Telugu Recordings


This recording documents an unidentified Dravidian variety called “Dora Telugu”. This variety is considered a separate language by the speakers and their neighbours. It is spoken in the Greater Koraput region in Northern Andhra Pradesh and Southern Odisha. The recording was made during a field trip in 2009 in the Munchinput mandal of the Visakhapatnam district. The variety is distinct from Konda-Dora (ISO 639-3 kfc, Glottolog kond1295) and is locally considered a variety of Telugu, but distinct from Telugu (ISO 639-3 tel, Glottolog telu1262) and its dialects. The variety documented could be identical or related to Mukha-Dora (ISO 639-3 mmk, Glottolog mukh1238) or Manna-Dora (ISO 639-3 mju, Glottolog mann1245), but its linguistic identity and affiliation is so far undetermined. The recording documents an unplanned and explorative elicitation session. The contact language used in the recording is Desia Odia (ISO 639-3 dso/ort Glottolog adiv1239). The recording is not transcribed or annotated, translations are given in the audio in Desia Odia.

Core team

Felix Rau (ORCID)

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Rau, Felix 2021. Dora Telugu Recordings. Data Center for the Humanities.

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Date of the archival: 2021-04-15 15:35
Size of the package: 462M
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