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Kuvi Recordings


This dataset documents unplanned and explorative elicitation sessions with a speaker of the South Central Dravidian language Kuvi (ISO 639-3 kxv Glottolog kuvi1243). The recording on 2009-04-27 took place in the Gorum village Albir (Andhra Pradesh) and the recording on 2009-05-04 were made in the Kond hamlet Mokaput. The contact language used in the recording is Desia Odia (ISO 639-3 dso/ort Glottolog adiv1239). The recording is not transcribed or annotated, translations are given in the audio in Desia Odia. The four image files document notes taken during an ad hoc eliciation session with a Kuvi speaker in Karlapodor.

Core team

Felix Rau (ORCID)

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Rau, Felix 2021. Kuvi Recordings. Data Center for the Humanities.

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Date of the archival: 2021-06-14 16:31
Size of the package: 780M
Contact Name: Frank Marian Eilers (DCH) -