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Metadata Template

This excel sheet allows you to enter metadata in a way that allows us to transfer it into the archive:

Saleh, Sara, & Granderath-Miegel, Cosima. (2024). Metadata Template for Language Archive Cologne (1.0.1). Zenodo.

How to (Step by step)

  1. Fill out General_Info. Here you enter recurring information that can be autofilled into the other tabs as needed.  E.g. all actors will be described here and then only referenced by their code in the other tabs. Please, enter your data starting with the column "ObjectLanguageDisplayName" and then continue on with the columns to the right. You add the data for the first creator in the first row and add new rows for each creator.
  2. Fill out the Collection. This will provide information for the top-level-node of your archive describing the collection as a whole. Please enter information starting in the column "CollectionDisplayTitle".
  3. Fill out the Bundles. Here you will enter all the information about bundles of files that will be archived with us. Each bundle will consist of a metadata-description and one or more files (media-files, annotation-files). Start with column "MetadataFilename" and continue to fill out one row per bundle. Access-Rights (open, registration required and restricted) are specified in this sheet on bundle-level.