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GraKo 2661 Workshop „Research Data Management in the Humanities“

Termine, Umfang, Prüfung

2 Workshops zwischen 2021 und 2023 geplant, 2 Tage, keine Prüfung, in englischer Sprache


Patrick Helling (DCH), Felix Rau (DCH)




The workshop „Research Data Management in the Humanities“ is a training course on research data management (RDM) for graduate students in the DFG-Graduiertenkolleg 2661. The training reflects the interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary character of the group and the different conditions of data collection in the various projects. It puts particular emphasis on the practical side of data management, RDM in fieldwork situations and on ethical aspects of working with data.

Beyond the basic principles of research data management, the course covers the FAIR principles, data management plans, best practices in data collection and documentation, data types and data formats, metadata, ethical and legal aspects of working with data and the CARE principles, as well as data publication, data sharing and open science principles.